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Molecular Cloning Services

Cloning is not always straightforward to perform and could be a very time-consuming process. BioInnovatise has performed many cloning services that save companies and research laboratories time and money. BioInnovatise's molecular cloning services include PCR cloning, subcloning, custom vector constructions (e.g. knockout and knockin vector construction) and cloning genes (full-length cDNA) from total RNA or cDNA libraries. Our experienced scientists provide complete cloning services from project design to construction of clones, so that you could spend more time on your creative research. BioInnovatise stands behind everything we do with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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*We offer FREE door-to-door delivery as well as sample collection for customers at NIH Bethesda and Twinbrook campuses, as well as other local Universities, Institutes and biotech companies. Please contact us for details.

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Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

Mutations on large plasmids up to 18.0 kb.

FREE design and oligo synthesis.

FREE door-to-door delivery*.

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Custom Cloning service

FACE-TO-FACE TALK with our experienced scientist.

          FREE door-to-door              delivery*.

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