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Plasmid DNA Preparation Service

BioInnovatise's plasmid DNA preparation services have a flexible scale, from Miniprep (10 μg), MidiPrep (100 μg), Maxiprep (1-2 mg) up to a gram level. Our high quality plasmids will help you achieve highly efficient cell transfection, DNA vaccination and preclinical studies.

Quality Grades
Research Grade:  For typical molecular biology research
Endo-toxin Free Grade:  Recommended for effective cell transfection, gene vaccine and protein manufacturing and animal studies
GMP Plasmid DNA Grade: In collaboration with Maxim Biomedical, Inc. in Rockville, MD, we have designed a tailored fermentation and purification process for the manufacture of your GMP plasmid DNA molecule. Our novel protocol yields up to a gram level of clinical grade plasmid DNA that can be used for DNA vaccines, gene therapy, or ex-vivo applications.



Our delivery package includes:

*We offer FREE door-to-door delivery We offer FREE door-to-door delivery as well as sample collection for the customers located at the NIH Bethesda and Twinbrook campuses, and other local Universities, Institutes and biotech companies.

Sample Submission Requirements

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Quotations and ordering

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Phone: 1-301-838-8675

Custom Cloning service

FACE-TO-FACE TALK with our experienced scientist.

FREE door-to-door delivery*.

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Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

Mutations on large plasmids up to 18.0 kb.

FREE design and oligo synthesis.

FREE door-to-door delivery*.

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