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Molecular Biology Services

Site-directed Mutagenesis Service

Site-directed mutagenesis is essential to molecular biology in studies of gene regulatory elements, DNA-protein interaction, protein structure and its function, enzyme active sites and novel proteins. BioInnovatise's site-directed mutagenesis services include point mutations, deletions, and insertions. Our high quality work, quick delivery, low service prices and FREE shipment for local institutes, universities and companies are unbeatable. We will match any lowest prices in biotech industry and efficiently deliver your mutant construct with minimum turnaround time. Learn more

DNA Cloning Service

Cloning is not always straight forward to execute and can sometimes be time-consuming due to issues such as over-sized vector or insert, or the interference of DNA secondary structures. BioInnovatise's personalized cloning services include PCR cloning, subcloning, custom vector construction and cloning genes (full-length cDNA) from total RNA or cDNA library. With our experienced senior scientists specializing in molecular biology and the most advanced techniches, BioInnovatise is confident to provide one-stop customized service from project planning and designing to construction to help speed up your work.
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Plasmid DNA Preparation Service

BioInnovatise's plasmid DNA preparation service provide choices with flexible scale from MidiPrep (100 ¦̀g) up to gram level. BioInnovatise¡¯s high quality plasmids will help you achieve highly efficient cell transfection, DNA vaccination and preclinical studies, etc. Learn more

Custom Library Construction Service

BioInnovatise's custom library construction service include cDNA library (bacterial, phage) and genomic DNA library (bacterial, phage, cosmid).

Extraction and Analysis Service

Our extraction services include isolating DNA, RNA and protein from the cells and tissues of all kinds of species such as animal, plant, bacteria, yeast, etc. Analysis services include custom-made Northern Blot and its detection, custom-made Western Blot and its Detection, and Q-PCR.





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Custom Cloning service

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Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service

Mutations on large plasmids up to 18.0 kb.

FREE design and oligo synthesis.

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