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Cloning constructs produced


Lentiviral vectors packaged


Plasmid DNA preparations produced

Current production lead times | Updated November 27, 2023

Molecular cloning services 7 days
Mutagenesis services:
Site-directed mutagenesis 7 days
Random mutagenesis 7 days
Site-direceted random mutagenesis 7 days
Disease related and mutant clones In-stock
Plasmid preparation services:
Midiprep (100 μg) 5 days
Maxiprep (1-2 mg) 5 days
Large-scale volume (up to 1 gram) Inquire
Additional QC services for plasmid preparation production:
Sanger sequencing; whole plasmid sequencing (next-generation sequencing) 3 days
Lentiviral vector packaging services:
15% off lentivirus packaging services until January 1, 2024
Small scale ultracentrifiguration purified (for in vitro or in vivo) 2 weeks
Large scale ultracentrifiguration purified (for in vitro or in vivo) 3 weeks
CRISPR / Cas 9 products and services:
CRISPR vector construct production 4 weeks
CRISPR cassette production 4 weeks
CRISPR knock-in or knock-out kit 4 weeks
sgRNA construct production 4 weeks
Recombinant proteins In-stock
Primary mouse embryonic fibroblasts 3 weeks

Who we are

BioInnovatise is a growing, minority-owned biotechnology company that serves research and development laboratories in the I-270 Technology Corridor and beyond. Our cloning and viral vector experts have advised and produced custom projects to further the research of numerous startups, large pharmaceutical companies, academic labs, and government agencies, including the NIH and FDA. At BioInnovatise, we specialize in custom cloning services and products, with a focus on the early stages of the drug discovery process.

Researchers rely on our commitment to high-quality production with minimal turnaround time. We look forward to the opportunity to support researchers in their pursuit to make new breakthroughs in their respective fields.

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