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BioInnovatise is a growing, minority-owned biotechnology company that serves research and development laboratories in the I-270 Technology Corridor, BioCapital, and beyond. Our teams advise and produce custom projects that further the research of numerous startups, large pharmaceutical companies, academic labs, and government agencies, including the NIH and FDA

Cloning Constructs Produced
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Lentiviral Vectors Packaged
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Plasmid DNA Preparations
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Current Production Lead Times | Updated May 13, 2024

Service CategoryTurnaround Time
Molecular Cloning Services7 days
Mutagenesis Services
• Site Directed Mutagenesis7 days
• Random Mutagenesis7 days
• Site Directed Random Mutagenesis7 days
• Transposon Mutagenesis7 days
• Site Saturation Mutagenesis7 days
Disease Related and Mutant ClonesIn-stock
Plasmid Preparation Services
• Midi Prep (100 μg)5 days
• Maxi Prep (1-2 mg)5 days
• Large Scale Volume (up to 1 gram)Inquire
Lentivirus Packaging Services
Crude (for in vitro) or Ultracentrifiguration Purified (for in vitro or in vivo)
• Cell-Culture Scale 250 μl1 week
• Small Scale 500 μl2 weeks
• Large Scale 1 ml3 weeks
CRISPR Cas9 Products and Services
• CRISPR Vector Construct Production4 weeks
• CRISPR Cassette Production and Donor Vector Construction Design4 weeks
• CRISPR Knock In and CRISPR Knock Out Service4 weeks
• sgRNA Construct Production4 weeks
Recombinant ProteinsIn-stock
Primary Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts3 weeks

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