Plasmid Prep Service vs. Plasmid Prep Kit

BioInnovatise Plasmid DNA Team

Updated December 18, 2023

How Can My Lab Get Endotoxin Free Plasmid DNA?

Plasmid prep involves the extraction and purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial cells that harbor the plasmid. The goal is to obtain a pure and concentrated sample of plasmid DNA for various applications however there are two main ways to go about this: plasmid prep kit or plasmid prep services.  

Plasmid prep kit: Some labs order plasmid preparation kits from vendors to preform the production in house. Kits are available for mini prep, midi prep, maxi prep, and even giga prep. As simple as this DIY kit may appear there are several issues you may experience:

  1. Time Commitment: A plasmid prep kit may require several hours or even a full day’s worth of effort to complete (depending on the volume). This means less time spent on important research tasks while your plasmid DNA grows. 
  2. Materials Required: Not all labs are equipped with the necessary materials that a plasmid preparation kit requires. Plasmid DNA preparation kits may have a smaller up front cost but the additional materials may increase the overall cost. 
  3. Expertise: Plasmid protocols may seem easy yet with the intricate timing required, experience is important if your research application requires a high purity plasmid.
  4. Plasmid DNA Required: Depending on the final volume required for your application, you might need 1-5 μg of plasmid DNA for 1 mini prep. If you are looking to preform a midi prep, maxi prep, or larger production you might need even more plasmid DNA then you have on hand which means you need to preform even more plasmid preparations!

Plasmid prep service: Many labs prefer to order plasmid preparation services from vendors like our team at BioInnovatise to produce high volumes of their plasmid DNA. Outsourcing plasmid prep means that you save resources in terms of time and labor and ensure that your lab will have a high volume high purity plasmid construct for your research application. There are several benefits to ordering a plasmid prep service with our team:

  1. Saving Time: Our quick turnaround plasmid DNA preparation production team is able to produce your plasmid in as little as 5 days for plasmid midi prep and maxi prep. See current lead times.
  2. High Purity Standards: All of our plasmid prep productions achieve a level of 1.8 for Nucleic Acid 260/280 Ratio. We are committed to delivering a high quality production for precision medicine research.
  3. Expertise: Our team has produced over 1,000 plasmid prep productions to date. We are confident we can deliver your production on time and to your requirements. 
  4. Low Quantity Plasmid DNA Requirements: We only require 1 ug of wildtype plasmid DNA to begin your plasmid DNA prep production. 
  5. Less Stress: Just think, you are able to get a high quality plasmid DNA construct for your lab without having to worry about a kit, reading an impossible to understand protocol, and waiting on a customer support agent to respond to your technical questions. Your time is better served focusing on your research than producing plasmid DNA from a kit.
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The above diagram illustrates the plasmid prep production process at BioInnovatise which produces endotoxin free and animal component free plasmid DNA. We perform plasmid prep using our proprietary plasmid DNA preparation protocol.

How Can I Start A Plasmid Prep Production?

Let’s get started! Our plasmid team is excited to bring your project to life. In order to get started please provide following when requesting a production:

  • Plasmid copy number
  • Specification of antibiotic resistance of the plasmid
  • 1 μg of wildtype plasmid

Learn more about our quick turnaround endotoxin free plasmid DNA prep services

Precision medicine research and development progresses everyday, and with it, the need for high quality plasmid DNA.

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