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Lentivirus is an exciting retroviral vector for precision medicine cell and gene therapy research. Lentiviral vectors have been used in clinical trials and commercial vaccines for the treatment of rare diseases such as immunodeficiencies and neurodegenerative storage diseases. Their application for the research and treatment of more frequent genetic and acquired diseases including β-thalassemia, Parkinson’s disease, and chimeric antigen receptor-based immunotherapy of cancer are also being explored.

Pharmaceutical companies like J&J and Bristol Myers Squibb use lentivirus in the research and development of CAR-T based therapies. The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine is keeping record of current cell and gene therapy products including lentivirus based therapies available in different markets across the world.

Want to learn more about the latest in lentivirus based research? Our colleagues at Science Direct and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News are always collecting and publishing the latest information on lentivirus based research. Let’s advance precision medicine together!

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Lentiviruses are effective tools in cell and gene therapy research and development for several reasons:

  1. Efficient gene delivery: Lentiviruses have the ability to efficiently deliver genetic material into a wide range of target cells, including both dividing and non-dividing cells. 
  2. Integration into host genome: As a retrovirus, lentiviruses integrate their genetic material into the host cell’s genome. This stable integration allows for long-term expression of the therapeutic gene, which is often crucial for treating genetic diseases.
  3. Low immunogenicity: Lentiviral vectors tend to have lower immunogenicity compared to some other viral vectors, meaning they are less likely to trigger an immune response that could limit their effectiveness.
  4. Large payload capacity: Lentiviral vectors can carry relatively large genetic payloads, making them suitable for delivering not just individual genes but also complex genetic constructs, regulatory elements, and other components necessary for precise gene regulation.
  5. Versatility: Lentiviral vectors can be engineered to target specific cell types or tissues by modifying the envelope proteins on the viral surface. This allows for a high degree of specificity in gene therapy applications.
  6. Low Mutagenicity: Lentiviral vectors have relatively low mutagenic potential compared to some other gene delivery methods, reducing the risk of introducing unwanted mutations into the host genome.

Let's start your lentivirus production

Our viral vector experts are able to support you lentivirus based project from concept to commercialization. If you are unsure which packaging service is right for you research application, our team is more than happy to discuss your project. 

Below is a list of the research grade lentivirus packaging services we currently provide. Our lentivirus packaging lead times change often, find out the current time for your preferred service here






Crude (for in vitro) Cell-culture grade >4x10E8 TU/ml >10E8 TU/ml 250 μl
Ultracentrifiguration purified (for in vitro or in vivo) Small-scale lentivirus packaging >2x10E9 TU/ml >10E9 TU/ml 500 μl
Large-scale lentivirus packaging >2x10E9 TU/ml >10E9 TU/ml 1 ml

Lentivirus packaging production quality control

Our viral vector experts use a validated assay to measure the viral titer in all lentivirus packaging services. Viral titer is determined through RT-qPCR, utilizing primers that target the long-inverted terminal repeat (LTR) within the viral genome. This quantification is achieved by comparing it to a standard curve generated from a plasmid sample with a known concentration.

Need to design your own lentivirus vector?

Our cloning team can help design and produce the custom pLenti plasmid DNA construct for your research. Learn more about our lentivirus molecular cloning services on our Molecular Cloning page.


Lentivirus packaging plasmid DNA requirements

Our cloning team can help design and produce the custom pLenti plasmid DNA construct for your research. Learn more about our lentivirus molecular cloning services on our Molecular Cloning page.


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